PrimeGuard PlUS Fabric

Two layer structure using special microporous polymer film laminated onto a spunbond polypropylene

Combines comfort and durability through its moisture management system. Warm air is allowed to pass through the fabric moving moisture away from the body.

Ultrasonically Welded Seams (WS) provides a strong liquid and particle barrier.

*PLUS Sown (S) Coverall option also available

Colour available: White

PrimeGuard Plus Extra Fabric 1

PrimeGuard EXTRA Fabric

Three layer laminate providing chemical barrier protection using a high quality laminate. Incorporates lap welded seams and closure construction for increased protection when coming into contact with harmful and dangerous chemicals, dusts, liquid jet and spray.

Ultrasonically Welded Seams (WS) technology provides an increased protection against more hazardous chemicals.

Colours available: Orange, Yellow, Green

PrimeGuard Plus Extra Fabric 2