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PrimeGuard Chlorhexidine Wipes are dermatologically tested, according to ISO 10993-10 and EN 1276 on micro-organisms: staphylococus aureus, enterococcus hirae, pseudomonas aeruginosa, escherichia coli.

The Chlorhexidine wipes are alcohol free, chlorhexidine digluconate works against a broad spectrum of unwanted micro-organisms, bacteria and fungi.

The addition of Vitamin E and Aloe Vera helps to hydrate the skin.

Chlorhexidine has been used in more than 60 different pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Its wide application is due to its broad-spectrum efficacy, safety-profile and substantivity on the skin with low irritation.

Chlorhexidine has been found to possess a high level of antimicrobial activity and strong affinity for binding to skin and mucous membranes.